Dynatron MS-550 Seam sealer Automotive body panel and floor pan sealer -Grey Cartridge

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Dynatron Auto Body Seam Sealer Metal Repair 12 oz Weld gap filler MS-550 or classic cars, trailers and custom automotive projects.

Dynatron Auto Seam Sealer Grey Caulk

Dynatron Auto Seam Sealer Grey Caulk is a fast-skinning, permanently elastic, non-sagging formulation that is brushable and paintable. This sealer provides excellent adhesion to bare metal or painted surfaces and is a non-staining, all-purpose autobody joint and seam sealer.

Versatile Seam Sealer

Dynatron Auto Seam Sealer Grey Caulk lay down well on both bare metal and painted surfaces. This sealer offers high adhesion and has a thick consistency that makes it less likely to drip, sag or run out of the gap being sealed. It dries quickly with little shrinkage. The sealer creates a water-tight repair that stay in place without cracking. Recommended applications include fresh welds, floor seams, trunk seams, drip rails, voids and gaps.

Easy to Use with Fast Results

This seam sealer formula can be brushed or painted on with exceptionally high quality results. When desired, it can be feathered out to a thin layer. The sealer starts to skin in about 10 to 15 minutes and should be fully hard by the next day.

Benefits of Seam Sealer

Applying seam sealer can fill gaps and voids that otherwise could lead to water intrusion and eventual corrosion and rust. Seam sealer can also block moisture intrusion.

Made by 3M